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Conversations with Natasha Trethewey

"I want the largest possible audience of people to be welcomed into my poems and to use the most important muscle human beings have, which is the muscle of empathy." United States Poet Laureate Natasha Trethewey (b. … [Read More...]

The Politics and Civics of National Service: Lessons from the Civilian Conservation Corps, VISTA, and AmeriCorps

By Melissa Bass Book Description Publication Date: December 31, 2012 In 1933 Franklin Roosevelt created America's first, largest, and most highly esteemed domestic national service program: the Civilian … [Read More...]

Writing Women’s History: A Tribute to Anne Firor Scott

Anne Firor Scott's The Southern Lady: From Pedestal to Politics, 1830-1930 stirred a keen interest among historians in both the approach and message of her book. Using women's diaries, letters, and other personal … [Read More...]

Chosen among Women: Mary and Fatima in Medieval Christianity and Shi`ite Islam

Chosen among Women: Mary and Fatima in Medieval Christianity and Shi`ite Islam combines historical analysis with the tools of gender studies and religious studies to compare the roles of the Virgin Mary in medieval … [Read More...]

First Lady of Letters: Judith Sargent Murray and the Struggle for Female Independence

"Accessibly written, and with contextual material involving both Murray's times and up-to-date historical thinking about Enlightenment women and the early republic, the book will become the starting point for all future … [Read More...]

Middlebrow Queer: Christopher Isherwood in America

How Christopher Isherwood reinvented himself as an American writer through gay print culture of the postwar United States Jaime Harker shows that Christopher Isherwood refashioned himself as an American writer … [Read More...]

America the Middlebrow: Women’s Novels, Progressivism, and Middlebrow Authorship Between the Wars

Between the two world wars, American publishing entered a "golden age" characterized by an explosion of new publishers, authors, audiences, distribution strategies, and marketing techniques. The period was distinguished … [Read More...]

Goths, Gamers, & Grrrls: Deviance and Youth Subcultures

Goths, Gamers, and Grrrls: Deviance and Youth Subcultures introduces students to the sociological study of deviance, equipping them with the theoretical tools necessary to analyze various youth subcultures--and virtually … [Read More...]

Divine Ventriloquism in Medieval English Literature: Power, Anxiety, Subversion

Divine Ventriloquism in Medieval English Literature studies medieval attitudes towards the human mediation of God's and Christ's voices and thus attends to how medieval people resignified a pagan practice. As Mary … [Read More...]

The Oprah Affect

By Jaime Harker The Oprah Affect explores the cultural impact of Oprah’s Book Club, particularly in light of debates about the definition and purpose of literature in American culture. For the critics collected here, … [Read More...]

Author Laura Lippman to deliver keynote at 2014 Isom Student Gender Conference ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Laura Lippman is the author of six New York Times bestselling novels in an oeuvre that includes the award-winning Tess Monaghan series, a collection of critically acclaimed stand-alone novels, and an anthology of award-winning short stories. Laura began her career as a journalist;… [Continue Reading]

Laura Lippman